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Tver State Medical University

About -Tver State Medical University

The Tver State Medical Academy has been a leader in the advancement of medical research and the training of medical practitioners and scientists for more than 70 years. According to the yearly official assessment of the 48 Russian Medical Educational Institutions, it is always among the top ten medical educational institutions.

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It is now the world's largest medical scientific, research, and educational centre, with a huge clinical and laboratory basis and outstanding teaching staff. The Academy is housed in a complex of structures that are used for practical lessons, lectures, laboratory studies, research, and auxiliary services.

public 30% of The Studnets Of TVER State Medical University Are from Foreign Countries

Our History-Tver State Medical University

The Tver State Medical Academy's history begins in 1902 when classes for dentistry students were organised. The Leningrad Dental Institute was established in 1936. The Institute was moved from Leningrad to Kalinin in 1954 as a result of a Soviet government decision.

TVER State Medical University building

For exceptional contributions to international education, collaboration, and growth, the Institute received the renowned Nations Friendship National Award in 1986. The Institute was renamed and given the status of the Academy in 1994, following the renaming of Kalinin to Tver.

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Today's -Tver State Medical University

The Tver State Medical Academy is a public educational institution that is regulated by the Russian Federation's Ministry of Health and Social Development and Ministry of Education (licence number 282451, certificate number 1358).

The TSMA is divided into six faculties:
  • General Medicine 
  • Faculty Dental Medicine 
  • Faculty Paediatrics Faculty 
  • Faculty of Pharmacy 
  • Advanced Nursing Education Faculty 
  • Postgraduate Studies Faculty 

Prof. M. N. Kalinkin is the Rector of the Tver State Medical Academy. Prof. B. N. Davidov is the President of the Tver State Medical Academy. 

The Tver State Medical Academy has 4700 students at the same time. A foreign national makes up one-third of the Academy's students. There are 63 theoretical and clinical departments at the Academy. It has 6000 beds spread over ten hospitals, including specialist cancer, TB, infectious, skin, and sexually transmitted diseases facilities. 

The Academy has a dentistry clinic with over 200 seats, which is widely regarded as one of the best and most modern in the country. The Academy educates experts not only in Tver and the Tver Oblast, but also in Tula, Bryansk, Novgorod, Pskov, Moscow, Kaluga, Ivanovo, Yaroslavl, Kostroma, Vladimir, Murmansk, Vologda, and Karelia. 

The UN agencies have formally recognised the Tver State Medical Academy for health care and education. It has been educating professionals for 57 nations across the world for almost 47 years (since 1962). Today, the Academy teaches in either Russian or English. The Academy's clinical engagement is one of the most important parts of its work. The Academy's clinical divisions are incorporated into the structures of municipal and regional healthcare organisations. 

International Cooperation

Collaboration with international, national, non-governmental, and intergovernmental organisations, as well as educational, medical, and scientific institutions from other countries, is regarded to be the most important direction of TSMA work. 

International collaboration, scientific, educational, and practical cooperation and exchange are always welcome at the Tver State Medical Academy. We are pleased and delighted to introduce our business partners and friends with whom we have had considerable success in many areas of work and plan to have more in the future: 

Saarland University (Germany)

  • The foundation of Russian-German research-practical-training centre of endoscopic surgery 
  • The foundation of Russian-German research-practical-training centre of innovative technologies in ophthalmology 
  • The foundation of the joint laboratory of molecular genetics 
  • Development and implementation of Russian-German program in pediatric cardiology
  • Opening of the TSMA representative office at the Saarland University 

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and MASHAV (Israel)

  • Development of public health practice and education in Tver and the Oblast 

Bicon Medical Centre (USA) 

  • The foundation of teaching and clinical centre of dental implantology 

Medical University in Lublin (Poland) 

  • Students exchange program at the faculties of general medicine and dental medicine 

Tuition Fees for the academic year 2022-2023 for programmes of higher education - full-time specialised education
Name of Training Program Duration of Educational Course, years Cost of 1st Educational Course, in rubles Full Cost of Educational Service, in rubles
General Medicine 6 149 900 899 400
Paediatrics 6 149 900 899 400
Stomatology 5 181 960 909 800
Pharmacy 5 132 360 661 800
General Medicine for Foreign Students with English medium of education 6 203 430 1 220 580

* - The cost is specified excluding annual inflation

Life as a student in Tver State Medical University

While the primary goal of enrolling in the Academy is to receive the best possible education and training, time spent there may give invaluable life experience. It may greatly broaden a person's mental range and perspective on life, providing him with a significant advantage over his contemporaries. It is crucial to note that, in addition to academic studies, the TSMA places a strong emphasis on social and extracurricular activities.

Many Academy courses give chances for students to showcase and enhance their talents, exhibit their dedication to public service, or discover hidden potential. The TSMA has the following provisions:

Student life in TVER State Medical University in Russia students dancing in TVER State Medical University in Russia diwali in tver state medical university russia Indian Students in pooja at tver state medical university russia

  • The TSMA General Purpose Cultural Centre
  • Office of Pedagogical Work
  • Indian Cultural Centre
  • Sri Lankan Cultural Centre
  • Youth Centre of the TSMA
  • Youth Centre of the TSMA
Indian Students Association

Every year the TSMA Indian Students Association celebrates all Indian & South Asian festivals: e.g. Holi, Diwali,Durgapuja, Baishakhi, Eid.In addition, the Annual Cultural Festival is organized every year.

For MBBS Admission In Tver State Medical University
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Hostel for Indian Students in Tver State Medical University
  • The university has 4 hostels (dormitories) with 1,544 seats.
  • The University prioritises providing residential housing in hostels to international students who arrive on the Russian Federation's territory by invitation from countries with a visa regime.
  • When you settle in, you sign a contract to rent an apartment for the duration of your studies.
  • The university has two residential hostels. One-room flats for three students and two-room apartments for five students are available with.
    • Sanitary unit,
    • Bathroom,
    • Kitchen
    • are included in the flats. Elevators and wireless internet are available at the hostels. The hostel's entrance is guarded.
  • A pass system is in place. At the entryway and throughout the corridors, there are video cameras.
  • The hostels are within walking distance of shopping and public transportation.
  • Hostel fee.
  • The monthly cost of living at the hostel is between 1,400 and 1,600 rubles, which includes power, water, heating, and security. The price varies based on the kind of hostel and the number of people sharing a room.

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