NMC Regulations and MBBS in Russia: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Students

NMC Regulations and MBBS in Russia

NMC Regulations and MBBS in Russia: A Comprehensive Guide for Indian Students

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In November 2021, the National Medical Commission (NMC) released an e-gazette, known as the Foreign Medical Graduate Licentiate Regulations 2021. These regulations lay out the criteria for foreign medical graduates to obtain permanent registration in India.

The following regulations apply to Indian students going abroad for medical education. This article will delve into how Russian medical universities align with these NMC regulations, making it an attractive option for Indian students pursuing MBBS in Russia.

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NMC Regulations and Russian Medical Universities:

Course Duration of 54 Months: The General Medicine course in Russia spans 6 years, both for local and foreign students, surpassing the NMC's requirement of 54 months.

1-Year Internship: While the 6-year General Medicine program incorporates a 12-month clerkship or clinical rotation, NMC's stipulation indicates that students should complete an additional 12-month internship beyond their course. Therefore, students in Russia need to undertake an internship beyond the standard 6-year curriculum.

Medium of Instruction in English: Several Russian universities offer medical education in English. However, it is crucial for students to become proficient in the Russian language for patient interaction during hospital visits and daily communication with locals. Additionally, the licensing exam in Russia is conducted exclusively in the Russian language.

Registration and Licensing: Russian medical diplomas come with a registration number from the relevant Russian authority. To practice medicine in Russia, students must pass an accreditation exam held exclusively in Russian.

Location of Medical College or Institution and Administration of the Course: The entire course, training, and internship or clerkship must be completed outside India in the same foreign medical institution throughout the course of study. No part of medical training and internship shall be done in India or in any country other than the country from where the primary medical qualification is obtained, as per NMC regulations.

Compliance with NMC Regulations: Based on information from the Indian Embassy in Russia and Russian medical universities, Russia fully complies with the regulations set forth by NMC as of 2023. Few countries adhere to the guidelines outlined in the FMGL Regulations, 2021.

Location of Medical College or Institution and Administration of the Course

This means that if you choose to study medicine in a foreign country like Russia, you must complete your entire medical education, including the training and internship, in that same foreign country. You cannot do any part of your medical training or internship in India or any other country. It all has to be done in the country where you are studying, and this rule is set by the National Medical Commission (NMC).

Key Considerations for Indian Students:

Course Duration: Complete your foreign medical graduation course within ten years from the date of joining.

Language Proficiency: Proficiency in the Russian language is essential for both academic and practical purposes.

Degree Validity: Ensure that you choose a university with a language pattern that aligns with NMC requirements for your degree to be recognized in India.

NEET Requirement: Clear the NEET examination before admission to ensure the validity of your degree in India. Studying MBBS abroad without NEET may hinder your ability to sit for NEXT in India.

Note: In the event that NMC does not recognize the included internship within the 6-year curriculum, an additional 1-year internship in Russia may be required.


Pursuing an MBBS degree in Russia provides Indian students with a pathway to a globally recognized medical education. With adherence to NMC regulations, extensive English-language programs, and a rich medical heritage, Russia stands as a promising destination for Indian students aspiring to study abroad.

To explore opportunities for MBBS in Russia, reach out to Edu Infoseas Foundation at 9884246990. Rest assured, you need not fret about NMC regulations when opting for MBBS in Russia; just keep the mentioned key points in mind for a successful medical career.

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