Kyrgyz National University (KNU) in Bishkek | MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

MBBS in Kyrgyzstan at Kyrgyz National University (KNU) in Bishkek | MBBS In Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyz National University (KNU) in Bishkek

Kyrgyz National University (KNU)

Welcome to Kyrgyz National University (KNU) in Bishkek!

Established in 1925, Kyrgyz National University stands as the oldest and largest higher education institution in the Kyrgyz Republic. Originally known as the Kyrgyz Institute of Education, our university has evolved to become a leading destination for medical education, particularly for Indian students seeking to pursue a career in medicine.

Your Gateway to NMC-Approved Medical Education

At KNU, we take pride in offering a comprehensive 5-year MD Physician (MBBS) program tailored to meet the requirements set forth by the National Medical Commission (NMC) of India. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to provide students with a solid foundation in medicine while incorporating global perspectives and hands-on training opportunities.

school The Faculty of Medicine at Kyrgyz National University is dedicated to cultivating and empowering future leaders who will contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Kyrgyzstan and beyond.

Why should Indian students choose Kyrgyz National University for MBBS Education?

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NMC-Approved Curriculum: Our program adheres to the standards set by the NMC, ensuring that you receive a top-notch medical education that is recognized worldwide.

Global Exposure: Immerse yourself in a diverse learning environment at our campus in Bishkek, where you'll benefit from Indianized medical education and state-of-the-art facilities.

Comprehensive Program: Our 5-year course duration, followed by a 1-year internship, prepares you thoroughly for a successful career in medicine. From classroom lectures to hands-on clinical experiences, we provide a well-rounded education

NEXT Preparation: Prepare for your NEXT exam with confidence through dedicated preparation sessions offered on campus.

Degree and License: Upon successful completion of the program and clearing the Licensing exam, you'll receive a degree and license granted by Kyrgyz National University and the Government of Kyrgyz Republic, setting you on the path to a rewarding medical career.

Advanced Facilities: Take advantage of our world-class facilities, including advanced labs and cutting-edge technology such as 3D and Augmented Reality classrooms, designed to enhance your learning experience.

Preparation for Competitive Exams: Whether your goal is to pursue further studies or practice medicine internationally, KNU equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in competitive exams and become a distinguished medical professional.

Indian students at Kyrgyz National University (KNU) in Bishkek

Kyrgyz National University Ranking

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"The fields of medical and health sciences undergo constant evolution driven by new discoveries, information, and technological advancements, which broaden our capabilities and redefine paradigms. At KNU, we adopt an evolutionary educational approach to prepare future physicians.
Our innovative curriculum integrates the latest principles from learning sciences with state-of-the-art educational technologies and forward-thinking concepts on the competencies essential for 21st-century practitioners.
This program will be conducted on campus within an integrated healthcare environment, supported by a dedicated faculty and committed staff."

Kyrgyz National University Fee Structure-2024-2025 - Kyrgyzstan

Semester Tuition Fee in USD$ Tuition Fee in INR
1st Semester 4,000 $ 3,34,187
2nd Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
3rd Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
4th Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
5th Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
6th Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
7th Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
8th Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
9th Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
10th Semester 2,250 $ 1,87,980
Total 24,250 $ 20,26,011
* 1$ (USD) = 83.55/- (INR) as on 12/05/2024

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Hostel And Mess Fee Details-Kyrgyz National University - Kyrgyzstan

Hostel/ Mess Fee Tuition Fee in USD$ Tuition Fee in INR
Hostel Fee 800 $ Per Year /
400 $ Per Semester
66,837 Per Year /
33,418 Per Semester
Mess Fee 1,200 $ Per Year /
600 $ Per Semester
1,00256 Per Year /
50,128 Per Semester
* 1$ (USD) = 83/- (INR) as on 12/05/2024

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Salymbekov University World Ranking


Salymbekov University Ranking (Country Rank)


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